An introduction to French

This page is the entry point to a series of lessons that are mostly ported from this page on Wikibooks and extended to take advantage of Wikiotics’ advanced formats.

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Introductory lessons

  • Introduction History, extent of the language, advice on studying French
  • The alphabet Letters and examples, final consonants, dental consonants, b and p, aspirated vs. non-aspirated h, diacritics (accents), Punctuation
  • Greetings Greetings, good-byes, How are you?, names
  • Formal speech Tu and Vous, Courtesy, titles, asking for one’s name
  • Numbers Cardinal numbers, mathematics, How much?, ordinal numbers
  • Dates Days, months, seasons, age
  • Telling time Time, time of day

Level 1 lessons

Level 2 lessons

Level 3 lessons

Level 4 lessons