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Wikiotics is part of the global language community dedicated to making learning in every language possible for everyone. To make that possible, this site is a new type of tool for building interactive language lessons using rich multimedia elements. We aim to make lessons easy to create, customize, and re-mix for everyone. If you know or want to know a language, you have something to contribute.

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This is where you will find our community-built language lessons. Some lessons are also available from the personal pages of our individual community members.

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If you can read this, you know enough to help someone learn a language. Each page on this site has an “edit” button. Try improving a lesson or translating it to a different language. Or, you can make a new lesson from scratch.

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If you like what you see and want to help, there are many ways to get involved.

For more information about the project, take a look at the about page and feel free to contact us.